Playing with Kantor: Spain – Furies, Phantoms and Infantas – 16–25 November 2023

Since 2018 Cricoteka has hosted a series of monthly screenings of theatre productions by Polish and international directors which play artistically with the work of Tadeusz Kantor. Curated by Anna Róża Burzyńska, the programme adopts a new format this year to present contemporary Spanish theatre, dance theatre, performance and dramaturgy. It examines the interactions of […]

“Constellations” | An exhibition organized as part of Copernicus Festival 2023: Cosmos!

For years, scholars have been asking themselves about the boundaries of cosmos, the principles that govern its functioning, and our place in it. Similarly, artists test the boundaries of art, look for the reach of creative matter and coincidence, consciously rejecting the previously worked out laws. Constellations is a story of abstraction that goes beyond […]

Youth learning through arts

The project started a new European interaction with partner organisations and professionals of youth and cultural operators in participating countries. The project produced six workshops with arts-based methods for youth and youth organisations in three countries. Themes were reactive eco-crisis, improvisation and drama and accessibility. Arts methods were taught in a pedagogical manner. Each country […]

Wrap up! Exhibition of Tadeusz Kantor’s emballages

Ambalaże, Polish word coined from the French emballage meaning “packaging” was one of Kantor’s main creative strategies. The symbolic gesture of wrapping up an object or a figure is related to the need to guard, protect, fix, hide. Earlier, the artist fled from creating images of bodies and objects into abstract art. Emballages let him “touch […]

Goplana and the Elves

The exhibition evokes questions about the rank and status of objects. Goplana with Elves were not meant to be a decoration, but to “embody a stage character”. For Kantor, the object as a “form – a spatial sculpture with a metaphorical function” became an element of ambient art; arranging a space which is meant to […]

Thirty to Tomorrow | Robert Kuśmirowski

“Thirty to Tomorrow” is a temporary group exhibition created by Robert Kuśmirowski in collaboration with curators Magdalena Ujma-Gawlik and Kamil Kuitkowski, with the participation of artists Marek Chlanda, Andrzej Dudek Dürer, Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, Jan Gryka, Mikołaj Smoczyński, Maciej Świeszewski and Daniel Zagórski.

Rollercoaster. Experience Collectors

“Rollercoaster. Experience Collectors” is a program of contemporary dance presentations. The performances, selected by the curators Paweł Łyskawa and Eryk Makohon, different in terms of aesthetics and form, consistently fit into the theme of the programme of subsequent editions; this year under the motto “Young creators of impressions”. 

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