For persons with limited mobility

Information concerning the main building of Cricoteka in Nadwiślańska St.

Our workshops and exhibitions are held in spaces without architectural barriers.

The majority of other events organised by Cricoteka and our partners are accessible for persons with reduced mobility. In case of any doubts concerning the accessibility of individual events, contact our accessibility coordinator:

Anna Rejowska
 tel. 505 319 882 lub (12) 442 77 70, extension 121

Access to the building

Tram/bus stop Plac Bohaterów Getta (accessible stop for people with reduced mobility) – tram/bus lines: 3, 8, 669, 904 are low floor trams/buses accessible for persons with reduced mobility (other lines: 13, 19, 24)

Tram/bus stop Korona – tram/bus lines 8, 904 are low floor trams/buses accessible for persons with reduced mobility (other lines: 11, 19)

Cricoteka does not own a parking lot. There are two parking spots for people with disabilities in Nadwiślańska St., near Cricoteka’s entrance by Kładka Bernatka; however, high kerbstone might pose difficulty when stepping out of the vehicle. Upon request, there is a possibility to organise a temporary parking spot in our square – in order to arrange this, please contact our accessibility coordinators at least three days prior to your visit.

Mobility aid users can easily enter the building from our yard, which can be accessed via a small ramp from the direction of Kładka Bernatka (near the main entrance stairs) or by a wider but steeper ramp by the Old Building.

The access through the main entrance is possible using the stairs, which are equipped with a platform lift. If you need to use this entrance, phone our security staff: +48 12 442 77 70, extension 100. This is an alternative way to access the building with the help of Cricoteka staff or an assistant.

All the levels in the so-called New Building are accessible by elevator, providing access to the ticket office and the cloakroom on Level -1, exhibition rooms and educational room on Level 3 and museum café on level 4. Accessible toilets are located on every level: Level -1 and Level 4 (in the café). Toilets on Level 0 and Level 3 near the educational room and exhibition rooms are temporarily closed due to sanitary regulations during COVID-19 epidemic (from 12 June 2020 until further notice).

Entrance doors and corridors are wide. There are doorsteps at the entrance to the exhibition rooms and the museum café. Moving around the exhibition is possible only on a wooden platform, which can be accessed by a low ramp. The ramp is two-metre wide and it provides ample space for movement for mobility aid users.

Visitors with reduced mobility can rent a wheelchair at the reception desk. Due to the epidemic, please contact our accessibility coordinators no less than two days prior to your planned visit.

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