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Youth learning through arts

The project started a new European interaction with partner organisations and professionals of youth and cultural operators in participating countries. The project produced six workshops with arts-based methods for youth and youth organisations in three countries. Themes were reactive eco-crisis, improvisation and drama and accessibility. Arts methods were taught in a pedagogical manner. Each country hosted a learning activity for art educators and youth workers and organised multiplyer events where results were shared nationally. One dissemination event was held in Brussels.

The collective outcomes of the project are three pedagogical ebooks created, one in each country. Via these ebooks, other art educators and youth workers can take up the methods presented. Ebooks are free for everyone to put to practice in their work.

Youth learning through Arts is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project coordinated by the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers. The project started in spring 2021. Official project partners are The Finnish Nature League (Finland), Pionirski dom – Centre for youth culture (Slovenia) and Društvo IMPRO – Association for culture and education IMPRO (Slovenia), Malopolski Instytut Kultury w Krakowie MIK (Poland) and The Center of Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka (Poland). All organisations share values and missions and are destined to enhance the implementation of children’s cultural rights as stated in the UN Convention on the rights of the child, article 31.

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