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Catalog of the exhibition “Thirty to Tommorow” by Robert Kuśmirowski

The “Thirty to Tommorow” exhibition is an effect of multithreaded relations between artists, curators, time and space. It is at the same time the culmination of Robert Kuśmirowski’s road to Cricoteka.

“Wpół do jutra” is a temporary group exhibition created by Robert Kuśmirowski in collaboration with curators Magdalena Ujma-Gawlik and Kamil Kuitkowski, with the participation of artists Marek Chlanda, Andrzej Dudek Dürer, Krzysztof “Leon” Dziemaszkiewicz, Jan Gryka, Mikołaj Smoczyński, Maciej Świeszewski and Daniel Zagórski. Its creative complement is an online catalog, which we are pleased to present.

The exceptionality of this exhibition is not only confirmed by the great choice of artists but also by the relations that developed as it was taking shape. Both, as an exhibition and a performative event, Thirty to Tomorrow is more than anything a process or, still better – the process becomes the artistic material of the presentation, exploring questions of memory, time and uncertain future.

Catalog to download in PDF version.


Managing Editor: Magdalena Link-Lenczowska
Graphic design: Parastudio*
English translation: Monika Ujma
Photos: Grzegorz Mart | Cricoteka

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