The Division of Tadeusz Kantor’s Archive and Library Collection

The archive is the oldest part of Cricoteka; it has remained in operation from its foundation in 1980. Tadeusz Kantor’s intentions were for the Cricot 2 Theatre Archive to serve as a ‘MUSEUM AND ACADEMIC INSTITUTE’, thus providing a symbolic core of Cricoteka’s functioning. It is a repository of memory of the institution safeguarding a variety items linked to Kantor’s entire oeuvre. The archive initiates and supports activities aimed at keeping Kantor’s heritage alive in the current flow of ideas; it responds to academic inquiries and provides assistance in terms of archive research.

The Archive Reading Room is available Monday through Friday, 8.00 a.m.–4 p.m.

Archive research/inquiries

The archive materials can be accessed on the spot, in the Reading Room during its opening hours; inquiries can also be made by e-mail.

No special documents or permissions are required to access the resources.

Users are required to contact the Archive by phone or e-mail in advance of their visit, so that the staff can prepare the required materials.

The inventory of Tadeusz Kantor Archive includes the following departments:

Dept 1. Tadeusz Kantor’s writings, sketches, notes and original typescripts,

Dept 2. Prints (theatre programmes, exhibition catalogues, festival catalogues, leaflets, manifestos, posters, books),

Dept 3. Reviews and articles (e.g. performance reviews, interviews with Tadeusz Kantor, articles by Tadeusz Kantor, articles on Kantor, press clippings by GLOB agency),

Dept 4. Audio-visual materials (photographs, film archive, sound archive),

Dept 5. Varia.

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