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“Suffocation” Marina Istomina // Krakow Photomonth Festival

Archival photo; man sitting in the forest, looking at the photographer

“Suffocation” Marina Istomina

Krakow Photomonth Festival ShowOFF section

Curator: Silvia Pogoda

Thursday – Sunday, 11:00 – 19:00,

Foggy field with some buildings in the background

Marina Istomina, Untitled 1 from the series Suffocation, 2020 © Marina Istomina.


“Suffocation” finds itself between fiction, reality, and a dream. It’s a form of dealing with personal and social trauma. Marina Istomina tells a story about Siberian wildfires, which is formed into multi-layered puzzles, confronting the archival photographs with works of the artist. How deeply detrimental can a political game be when it comes to destroying the landscape? How far-reaching are the social and psychological consequences? We will confront all of these visual experiences this May during Krakow Photomonth.

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