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Polyphonies 2021 – Music of Objects

Polyphonies are coming back to Cricoteka! We invite you to the first concert on 6 August at 19.00.

Polyphonie 2021. Music of Objects

6.08.2021, 19.00: Aleksander Wnuk: Lupnik

4.09.2021, 19.00: Anna Sowa: It’s Only the End of the World

Tickets: PLN 20 normal, PLN 10 reduced


We continue the cycle of concerts of experimental and avant-garde music. The artists devote their attention to the multiple functions and roles of instruments/objects in musical activities. They explore the scope of their sound and meaning potential, reach for their amplification, multiplication or deconstruction, and change the context of their use.

Aleksander Wnuk. Photographer: Dominika Wiak

6.08.2021 – Lupnik – a concert promoting the latest original album by multi-percussionist Aleksander Wnuk LUPNIK.

Aleksander Wnuk: music, concept, production, instruments and objects

Aleksander Wnuk: percussion instruments / objects / sound processing
Paulina Owczarek: saxophone

Anna Sowa. Photographer: Michał Mikulski.

4.09.2021 – It’s Only the End of the World – multimedialny teatr instrumentalny na 7 wykonawców, playback i video.

Anna Sowa: composition, direction, stage movement


Sylvain Monchocé – flute

Cristina Arcos Cano – saxophone

Fábio Santos – percussion

Maria-Louise Schneider – voice

Umberto Beccaria – piano

Maria Muñoz Lopez – violin

Paula Sanchez – cello

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