Walkabout Theater – THE BRINK

28.10.2017, 7 p.m.
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The Brink is a collection of stories about home, journeys to the underworld, and cities ablaze.  Musical, muscular, irreverent, and full of wonder, The Brink captures a moment of sudden change, when the ground falls out from underneath us and the world becomes instantly unrecognisable.



Directed by Thom Pasculli

Co-created and performed by the Walkabout Ensemble
Nigel Brown
McCambridge Dowd-Whipple
Cooper Forsman
Katie Mazzini
Dana Murphy
Alex Rodriguez

Sound design by Cooper Forsman

Stage management by Dina Klahn


The Walkabout Theater (USA) is a theatre ensemble of nine artists (Thom Pasculli, Al Evangelista, Cooper Forsman, Katie Mazzini, Kendra Miller, Dana Murphy, Nigel Brown, McCambridge Dowd-Whipple and Paul Scudder) founded in 1999.

The Walkabout Theater Company is committed to creating new performances and promoting new ideas. Redefining theatrical form, presenting the bonds between theatre and architecture, where each production is created, are fundamental to the ensemble. By examining these bonds, the Walkabout Theater finds new ways of involving the audience and opens new paths to a more profound relationship between artists and the community. Over the past sixteen years, the Walkabout Theater has created twenty-four innovative, experimental, site-specific performances – world premieres across Chicago in collaboration with various art institutions.

The Walkabout Theater Company has participated in many artist-in-residence programs and has received financial support from institutions such as High Concept Labs, Columbia College Chicago, the Network of Ensemble Theaters, the Driehaus Foundation, Pivot Arts, Links Hall, the Department of Culture, and Berger Park.

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