Polifonie 2017



Polifonie (polyphonies)

Term “polyphony” alludes to a polyphonic idea of a the collaboration of diverse voices merging to form a significant whole but goes beyond music itself. It becomes a meeting place for different kinds of creativity. It is a polyphony of attitudes, genres and individualities.

This will already be the fifth edition of the program. Since 2013, Polifonie have been an integral part of the cultural life of Kraków and Cricoteka has become a highly valued partner of Polish and international artists. Cricoteka is the co-creator of concerts, performances, as well as musical and theatrical forms. Many productions and artistic undertakings created as part of the Polifonie are performed worldwide, promoting Cricoteka as a Polish institution, an important partner in the audio and visual field, and an initiator of collaboration between artists. The polyphonic spectrum of Cricoteka’s activity contributes to the promotion of works by Polish artists, including Tadeusz Kantor, who continues to inspire artists active in various fields. Over the next two years we intend to continue the mission of co-creating and organising performances of new music pieces and new music-theatre productions.


Polifonie. Open Stage

An additional area of this year’s edition of Polifonie is a summer stage dedicated to musicians, performers and artist-activists associated with Kraków. We intend it to be a space for integration, the free exchange of creative ideas, and interaction with the architecture and surroundings of the Cricoteka building. Every Thursday in August, join us on the Cricoteka’s square, an open space for various forms of expression, for music and experiment, for artists, listeners, and passers-by.



Cricoteka, ul. Nadwiślańska 2–4


August – summer Open Stage:

3.08.2017, Thursday
Kerry Kenny
Free entrance
10.08.2017, Thursday
Rinus van Alebeek
Free entrance
17.08.2017, Thursday
Marcin Janus/Grzegorz Kaliszuk
Free entrance
24.08.2017, Thursday
Re-Performance Ensemble
(Grzegorz Mart/Maciej Koczur/Jakub Gucik/Piotr Peszat)
Free entrance
31.08.2017, Thursday
Śominika Dniegocka
Free entrance




10.10.2017, Tuesday


PREMIERE:  Bad Weather  – Arturas Bumšteinas

Concert co-organised with Unsound Festival


11.10.2017, Wednesday


Bad Weather  – Arturas Bumšteinas

Concert co-organised with Unsound Festival


12.10.2017, Thursday


Bad Weather  – Arturas Bumšteinas

Concert co-organised with Unsound Festival


28.10.2017, Saturday


The BrinkWalkabout Theatre


11.11.2017, Sunday


Elementy Ruchu MOON2


3.12.2017, Sunday


Itinerário Do Sal  – Miso Ensemble



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