Miso Ensemble (Paula Azguime / Miguel Azguime) – INTERÁRIO DO SAL

03.12.2017, 7 p.m.
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The Salt Itinerary spectacle transcends theatrical and musical conventions in a combination of text and music, where the voice is at the core of the staging dramaturgy, multiplying itself through audio and video.

The groundbreaking new Op-Era performance “Salt Itinerary” (which toured extensively all around the world and received enormous acclaim from the South Americas through to the Far East) – a stage work by Miguel Azguime – has developed a combination of text and music, extending Azguime’s concept of “speech as music” and “music as speech,” growing in several directions (notably by means of technology – both audio and video), and embodying different realms (spoken, sung, hypervoice). It revolves around languages, words as meaning, and words as sound.

Both are used as an extension of the body and melted into the construction of the staging as a tangible projection of the resonance of words through sound and image.

After having achieved the deep integration between semantics and phonetics in the tight relationships accomplished in Salt Itinerary, this work reflects strong research in terms of voice analysis, resynthesis and processing, aiming at creating a dynamic continuum between timbre, harmony, rhythm and the voice spectra.

Salt Itinerary is performed in Portuguese, English, French and German.

If desired, the spectacle can be performed mostly in English.

Salt Itinerary was a winner in the 2008 MUSIC THEATRE NOW COMPETITION in Berlin in the category OTHER FORMS BEYOND OPERA.



Miso Ensemble

(The opera can be performed almost entirely in English or in French, refer to the text in English on the libretto and let us know your preference)

Miguel Azguime: performance, composition, texts, and concept

Paula Azguime: staging & video creation; sound projection, live electronics,

Perseu Mandillo: video directing & live video, computer assistant

Miso Studio: technical development

The Miso Ensemble is supported by: Ministério da Cultura / DgArtes

The Salt Itinerary production has been supported by: DAAD Berliner Künstlerprogramm & TU-Studio Technische Universität Berlin


Miguel Azguime is a composer, percussionist, poet and performer from Lisbon. He studied percussion with Catarina Latino and Júlio Campos (1975–1982), Gaston Sylvestre (1985–1986) and James Wood, and composition with Horatiu Radulescu, Brian Ferneyhough and Clarence Barlow in Darmstadt (1984). In 1985, together with flutist and composer Paula Azguime, Miguel Azguime founded the Miso Ensemble – a flute and percussion duo recognised by the public and critics alike as one of the most important Portuguese contemporary music ensembles. He is the founder of the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble and the Portuguese Loudspeaker Orchestra, and director of the record label Miso Records, artistic director of the Música Viva Festival, founder of the Miso Studio, and (together with Paula Azguime) the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre. As a researcher, he has been working on the development of real time computer music, giving lectures and courses in this field. Miguel Azguime obtained various awards for performance and composition (including the Swedish EMS composition prize in 2003). In 2006, Miguel Azguime was the DAAD composer in residence in Germany. He has composed music for diverse instrumental and vocal ensembles (with or without electronics), electroacoustic music, sound poetry, and music for exhibitions and installations, multimedia projects, theatre, ballet and film. His works have been performed by renowned soloists, conductors and ensembles, and are regularly presented at major festivals in Europe, Latin America and China. Miguel Azguime is the creator of a unique form of electroacoustic theatre/opera.

Azguime’s most important works include: Multiplos-transitorios for marimba and live electronics (1995), Yuan Zhi Yuan for soprano, tenor, six traditional Chinese instruments, chamber choir and electronics (1998), Sound Preferences (A Forma do Silêncio) for flute, percussion, organ and electronics (1999), Escrituras for flute, percussion and electronics (2002), Para saxofone for bass saxophone and electronics (2003), Águas Marinhas for 15 instruments (2004–2005), Moment à l’extrêmement… for cello and electronics (2005–2006), O Itinerario do sal / Salt Itinerary, electroacoustic opera with live electronics and live video (2006), Le Feu qui Dort for string quartet (2008), No Oculto Profuso for clarinet and electronics (2009), Mestre Gato ou o Gato de Botas for five performers, reciter and electronics – versions for adults and children (2009), L… (2010), Vinnnszzzinnnco for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2010), Conver(say)tions for violin, piano, percussion and MIDI keyboard (2010), Lissabon Klang (2011), A Menina Gothina de Aqua for children’s choir, electronics and video (2011), Progressões do Tempo (2012), and Notes on Books (2012).



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