11.11.2017, 7 p.m.
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Imagine that you were able to touch sound. Imagine that you could create music just by collecting and arranging the sounds surrounding you, as if they were bricks or stones.
MOON2 is a virtual world with simplified physical laws. In this world, sounds become objects governed by natural forces, such as gravity and wind. The performer’s hands locate specific sounds in space; thus playing an instrument resembles dancing.
The electronic layer is a separate program, based on motion-tracking technology. Each gesture is recorded by camera and influences the sound. All electronic sounds have been manually programmed in SuperCollider without using any commercial synthesisers.
“Music for us is not so much a sequence of events, as a dynamic system which we can control only to a limited extent.”

Denis Kolokol – electronics
Ernest Ogórek – bass guitar
Tomek Chołoniewski – drums

fot. (Mikołaj Zając)

Denis Kolokol is a new media artist. He was born in Zaporizhzhya in 1978, and lives and works in Kraków, Poland. Kolokol produces sound using the SuperCollider programming language for algorithmic composition, granular synthesis and live processing. As a solo artist, he attempts to combine non-intersecting or even contradicting elements, such as interactive performance with algorithmic composition, granular synthesis with sound poetry, etc. His interactive systems are not attributed to one specific form of art and can be successfully used in theatre, dance and performance. In 2006 he founded The Volume – an acoustic guitar, computer and percussion ensemble. He has composed music and created interactive music systems for several theatre productions. Denis Kolokol has been a member of the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music – PseME since 2009.


Ernest Ogórek is a double bass and bass guitar player. He is an improvising musician who also works in visual arts. Ogórek abandoned his musical studies to study sculpture. He is the co-founder of an experimental animation studio called chłam film studio, and collaborates with Kraków improvising ensembles such as: Maszyna Aladyna and Cracow Improvisers Orchestra. Ernest Ogórek works as a cultural animator and counsellor at the C.K. Norwid Cultural Centre in Kraków.


Tomek Chołoniewski is a percussionist. In 2001, he completed his studies with distinction at the Academy of Music in Kraków, graduating with a diploma in percussion under Professor Jan Pilch. He is principally involved in improvised music. Chołoniewski co-founded the Młodzi Muzycy dla Młodej Muzyki [Young Musicians for Young Music] Association where, among other things, he worked as one of the creators and project coordinator in the cycle confrontacia. He worked as a consultant on the International Workshops of Contemporary Music in Kraków and Stuttgart (2002). In 2003, he worked as a lecturer at the Seoul National University. Tomek Chołoniewski has collaborated with the Beethoven Academy Orchestra with which he participated in numerous premiere performances (including in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy). He also composed music for animated films directed by Marta Pajek. He works as a teacher at the Bronisław Rutkowski Primary Music School in Kraków. In 2012, Mathka released his debut solo album titled un. Tomek Chołoniewski has performed at many festivals including Audio Art in Seoul (2003), Unsound (2004) and Domowa Atmosfera (2004) in Kraków, Plain Music (2004) in Warsaw, NPAI (2004) in Parthenay, Jazz D’Or in Strasbourg (2005), Przetwórnia Dźwięku (2006) in Warsaw, Festival de Butoh in Paris (2006), Polish Sound Art in Guangzhou, China, Foshan in Shanghai and Beijing (2006), and Ad Libitum in Warsaw (2007).

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