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Exhibiting Kantor: Curatorial Challenges

Thursday, 07/12/2023

fot. Z. Prokop


The panel discussion ‘Exhibiting Kantor: Curatorial Challenges’ will be dedicated to the strategies for presenting the work of Tadeusz Kantor in exhibitions organised by CRICOTEKA.

Panel discussion with the participation of Katarzyna Fazan, Michał Kobiałka, Jarosław Suchan, Małgorzata Paluch-Cybulska, Bogdan Renczyński, Natalia Zarzecka, Kamil Kuitkowski and Magdalena Ujma-Gawlik.

The discussion is part of a series of events related to the 33rd anniversary of Tadeusz Kantor’s death.

The panel moderated by Professor Katarzyna Fazan, PhD, will feature Cricoteka curators  involved in showcasing Kantor’s work: Małgorzata Paluch-Cybulska, Bogdan Renczyński and Natalia Zarzecka; independent curators of Kantor’s exhibitions: Professor Michał Kobiałka and Dr Jarosław Suchan; and creators of post-Kantorian expositions who are associated with the institution: Kamil Kuitkowski and Magdalena Ujma-Gawlik.

The discussion is occasioned by a change of the permanent exhibition ‘Tadeusz Kantor: Spectres’. On 7 December, after a run of three years, the exhibition will be transformed by the introduction of new objects. The issues encoded in them such as catastrophe, individual human condition versus massification, nomadism and oppression, are not only the flesh of Tadeusz Kantor’s work, but also apply to universal and still relevant phenomena which we find in our sociocultural space. ‘Spectre: A Correction’ will offer a change in the tensions and meanings between the objects and will be shown until the autumn of 2025.

Another reason for the discussion is the conceptual work on a revamping of the permanent exhibition, which has been underway for several months now, and next year’s tenth anniversary of the opening of Cricoteka’s new premises which marked the launch of an original programme and a new mission. The tasks and challenges undertaken then aimed to make Cricoteka a unique institution of contemporary art: a museum-cum-archive resonating with current art and constant cultural transformations; an institution anchored in the legacy of its founder and thus always engaged in dialogue with Kantor’s work – by referring to it, discussing, arguing, turning away and returning.

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  • Time: 07/12/2023 - 18:00 - 19:00
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