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Bereś / Kantor – temporary exhibition

Grafika przedstawia drewniany obiekt "Zwid Znak" na czarnym tle

The exhibition at the Tadeusz Kantor Gallery-Studio at 7/5 Sienna Street shows on a micro-scale the artistic co-presence of two important polish artists, co-founders of the Kraków Group – Jerzy Bereś and Tadeusz Kantor.

Their similarity was never obvious; for some time they were in an artistic and ideological dispute. In fact, it is difficult to say whether their differences ever met at any point of contact.

Zwid_znak_FIN by Virtual Museums of Małopolska on Sketchfab


The exhibition will be open until 8th December 2024

Address: Tadeusz Kantor Gallery-Studio  7/5 Sienna Street, intercom 8, 31-041 Kraków

Opening hours:

Monday – Wednesday 11:00am–6pm

Ticket prices:

PLN 10 regular ticket

PLN 5 reduced ticket

free entrance on Wednesdays

fot. Justyna Gryglewicz

The basis for this dialogue is the presentation of a Cricoteka acquisition – a sculpture by Jerzy Bereś entitled “Zwid znak” – donated to the collection of the Tadeusz Kantor Museum a few years ago. Created in 1963, the sculpture was first presented at a solo exhibition at the Krzysztofory Gallery in 1964; it was later exhibited many times. Around 2008, the work was purchased by the collector Piotr Ratyński, who had amassed a large collection of Bereś’s works. After the collector’s unexpected death, his mother, Grażyna Ratyńska, decided that some of the works would be donated to various museums – this is how the Zwid sign came to the Kantor Museum in 2018. The donation was mediated by the Jerzy Bereś and Maria Pinińska-Bereś Foundation.

Bereś’s work will be presented together with Kantor’s object – the author’s reconstruction of the Board for the performance “Return of Odysseus” (Powrót Odysa), made by the artist in 1944 at the Underground Independent Theatre. The commonality of this duo lies in a similar mechanism of handling materiality, in which minimalism and radicalism of the creative stance leads both artists, each in a different way, to the same material.


The presentation of the artists’ works is accompanied by two videos in which Bereś and Kantor speak about each other.

The exhibition accompanies “Bereś” exhibition  – monographic presentation at Cricoteka’s premises at 2-4 Nadwiślańska Street.

Curator: Małgorzata Paluch-Cybulska

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