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Wrap up! Exhibition of Tadeusz Kantor’s emballages

Ambalaże, Polish word coined from the French emballage meaning “packaging” was one of Kantor’s main creative strategies. The symbolic gesture of wrapping up an object or a figure is related to the need to guard, protect, fix, hide. Earlier, the artist fled from creating images of bodies and objects into abstract art. Emballages let him “touch […]

[Zdjęcie przedstawia ksiązkę z fotograią, na której widnieje obraz t. Kantora pt/ "widok z okna".]

Gallery-Studio of Tadeusz Kantor

Place: Sienna 7/5, 31-041 Kraków Opening hours: Monday–Wednesday: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.   Tadeusz Kantor’s Gallery-Studio is opening to the world.  The major avant-gardist and theatre reformer whose plays keep providing ongoing inspiration to creators worldwide, spent the final years of his life in a small studio in Krakow, Poland.   Starting from October 2020, […]

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