Wielopole, Wielopole – registration of Cricot 2 performance


The second – after “The Dead Class” – performance of Tadeusz Kantor’s Theatre of Death refers back to his childhood spent in a small town in eastern Poland. In the play, the past and traces of memory exist in the present and bring back the characters of his ancestors. The artist turns his personal history into a dream-like reality of art. “Grandma, Mother, Aunts, Uncles, Father who came on holiday. These were real scenes. But suddenly this room becomes the Mount of Olives, Golgotha, Capernaum – various places related to the life of Jesus… And the characters from this room played the Gospel characters, lowered in their rank, in accordance with the rules of the Dear Absent Ones Rental Service”. The première was held on 23 June 1980 in Florence.
Direction: Tadeusz Kantor
TV direction: Stanisław Zajączkowski
produced by Telewizja Polska, 1984
run time: 86’16”
Subtitles in English

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