Today Is My Birthday – registration of Cricot 2 performance


Tadeusz Kantor’s final and career-crowning performance “Today Is My Birthday” is interpreted as his “testament”. The artist died a few hours afer the last dress rehearsal for this play. The TV recording becomes the symbol of the Cricot 2 creator’s absence. The unfinished play gathers the characters of his family members transferred straight from his childhood along with friends from his youthful years and figures taken out of the painting frames. They come together on the stage to REMEMBER. The première of Tadeusz Kantor’s last performance, completed by the Cricot 2 members, was held on 10 January 1991 in Théâtre Garonne in Toulouse. The TV recording of this performance made by Stanisław Zajączkowski in the “Stodoła” Club in Warsaw, 1–5 December 1983.
Direction: Tadeusz Kantor
TV direction: Stanisław Zajączkowski
produced by Telewizja Polska, 1991
run time: 77’30”
Subtitles in English

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