Let the Artists Die – registration of Cricot 2 performance


The world première of this performance took place on 2 June 1985 in Alte Giesseri Kabelmetall in Nuremberg. Nearly half a year later the Polish viewers could see “Let the Artists Die” in Warsaw and Cracow. The play is initially set in the cemetery storeroom, which later turns into Kantor’s room of imagination and then into a replica of famous St. Mary’s Altar by Veit Stoss. In the author’s own words, “There is no plot in this performance / There is no play which gives life to this performance. / The performance creates itself…”
Direction: Tadeusz Kantor
TV direction: Stanisław Zajączkowski
produced by Telewizja Polska, 1986
run time: 77’30”
Subtitles in English

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