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Multiplications | Tadeusz Kantor’s Multipart Exhibition

The exhibition poses questions about the actuality of the process of multiplication. Is creativity unequivocal with the so-called work of art? Does multiplication compromise the artwork or does it provide an opportunity to go beyond its limits?

Exhibition of works by Tadeusz Kantor
10 February – 15 April 2022
Tickets for temporary exhibitions: PLN 10/15

“Multiplications” is a display of eight identical works from 1970 by Tadeusz Kantor. The series, stored in the Cricoteka collection, is a multiplied imprint of the same umbrella in white plastic mass. Entitled “Multipart”, the works represent the conceptual stage in Tadeusz Kantor’s work. The artist decided to produce and exhibit works which are very similar or even identical to each other, asking questions about the uniqueness of the work of art.




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