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“A Day of Absence” by Przemek Branas | Cloakroom Exhibition Program

Exhibition by Przemek Branas – a new version of his installation “Model of the head of a man who has missed everything in life” – is another project within the Cloakroom exhibition programme.

“A Day of Absence”
Przemek Branas
Opening: 10 November (Wednesday), at 6.00 pm
Cloakroom exhibition programme

Przemek Branas’s exhibition is a compilation of interconnected objects-totems, masks-heads made of glow-in-the-dark mâché paper pretending to be concrete. It is not only an unobvious dialogue with the aesthetics developed by Kantor and the exhibitions of Cricoteka, but also a story of incompleteness and never-ending expectation. Branas’s project is about the eternally reported absence and unpreparedness for lessons, from which one escapes from the dead classroom into a meeting at the school urinal.

Branas’s exhibition is also a journey to a place at the end of history, or just to its sidelines. To a place where there are no longer eyes that watch and categorise, where things can be as they really are, although in Branas’s case they have never been anything more than their own caricature, a pretence, something they are not. And the institution in this world is like Lem’s Factory – abandoned and immersed in dystopia, but still grinding and spitting out new content.


“Cloakroom” – The programme of the exhibitions is based on the examination and recognition in contemporary visual arts of the obvious or less easily recognizable connections with the work of Tadeusz Kantor and the aesthetics developed by him. The programme is based on intertwining, complementing and dialoguing threads and artists directly related to Tadeusz Kantor as well as names and figures of the young generation, freshly dynamizing the artistic reality.

Subsidized by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports from the Fund for Cultural Promotion.

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