Very Short Lessons – sessions and workshops with Kantor’s Actors

The project Very Short Lessons is a series of drama workshops run by Tadeusz Kantor’s Cricot 2 Theatre actors. The actors will bring back Kantor’s achievements and at the same time present their own art and individual approach to his legacy. The project is addressed at art students and those who are willing to develop their acting skills.

The name of the project alludes to the dramatic workshops run by Tadeusz Kantor in Charleville-Mézières, which culminated in the creation of an exceptionally short theatrical form titled A Very Short Lesson. Hence on the one hand we allude to Kantor’s own art and on the other ʻthe short lessonsʼ are meant to mark the nature of the sessions, whose ambition is not a comprehensive presentation of Kantor’s acting method, but primarily initiating a creative discussion – both in theory and in practice.

The summer workshops will be run by actors:


Building on the experience gained while working with Tadeusz Kantor and their own artistic quest, for the last several years they have conducted theatre workshops around the world.

Thanks to the cooperation with Theatre Institute workshops by Ludmiła Ryba and Roman Siwulak will take place both in Krakow and Warsaw!


This year’s workshops are also FREE!

You are welcome to look into the details of the project and read the Terms and Conditions of the workshops. To apply, submit your Registration Form to


























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