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“UWAGA” – Performance of the Theatre

“UWAGA” Theatre

March 20th (Sunday), 6:30 pm
Cricoteka, 2-4 Nadwiślańska Street
Tickets: 25 / 35 

The winner of the 3rd edition of “The Best Off” Independent Theatre Competition, the dance spectacle “UWAGA” by theater, is close to natural expression. It is based on spontaneous, unintentional externalization and expression of psychological contents in the form of movement.

This choreography is an experiment. Can the body subjected to color be a tool for building a choreographic structure? Does the body subjected to the effect of colors use any universal language?

The artists are most interested, as the content of choreography, in the phenomenon of impression and perceptual experience. “(…) color has power. It can stimulate or lull, excite or soothe, warm or cool, irritate or calm, arouse passion or raise us to spiritual heights. Understanding color opens up a new dimension of our consciousness.” (D. i H. Sun, 1996)

Photo: Maciej Ralowski


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