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Toy Showcase

 “Toy Showcase” is an exhibition of historical toys from the collection of the Sosenko family, curated by people drawn from the general public.

Temporary exhibition

Cricoteka, 2-4 Nadwiślańska Street, 30-527 Kraków

Thursday – Sunday, 11:00 – 19:00

Exhibition open until 29 August 2021

Admission free



“Toy Showcose” is an exhibition of historical toys from the collection of the Sosenko family, curated by people drawn from the general public. This group of community curators has developed the concept of the exhibition, selected the objects, created their own toy interventions with professional assistance, prepared the exhibition design, and written the captions, In recognition of the location in which exhibition is installed the display has contain references to Tadeusz Kantor.

The project’s title refers to the glass vitrine in which are assembled the toys that were selected during meetings between the curators and the collectors, Marek and Katarzyna Sosenko. Showcase’ also refers to shop windows (where toys are displayed for sale), to the museum display case (where they can be viewed) and to the website (which in Polish is called ‘witryna’, or showcase’] (which is a window onto the real-world and which presents a field of unlimited opportunities for play and learning).

“Toy Showcase” is the first project of the Toy Museum in Krakow. Be does not yet have a permanent home, the project has been organized with some of our partner institutions. The first, summer edition takes place at the Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka Art Documentation Centre, and the next edition of “Toy Showcase” will be held at the Podgórze Museum in September.

The Toy Museum in Krakow was established by the Sosenko Family Collection Foundation, Their toy collection is one of the world’s largest collections of historical toys and the largest, most valuable and most representative collection in Poland, It includes Polish toys as well as toys from around the world, dating from the 16th century to the present day.


Curators of the “Toy Showcase” #1: Magdalena Dutka, Marta Gelyk, Yuliya Gelyk, Maria Masternak, Jarosław Matia, Michat Matla, Olga Matla, Beata Rat, Katarzyna Ramut, Ryszard Sneka, Agnieszka Szostak, Marcin Szostak, Marek Szostak, Michat Szostak, Karol Urbanski, Doroto Wantuch-Matla

Coordinators of the “Toy Showcase”: Katarzyna Jagodzińska and Melania Tutak

Coordinator from Cricoteka: Justyna Droń

Exhibition design made together with the visual artist Artur Wabik

The puppets made together with Drewniano and Teatr Groteska


Co-financed by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Culture Promotion Fund


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