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Tadeusz Kantor – about Cricoteka

Creating Cricoteka requires being aware that this will be an unprecedented centre, uniting in its form
and function:
-the visual sphere /exhibition, collections, reconstructions of stage situations/,
-the research and archives sphere /archives, reading room/,
-the didactic sphere /lectures, studio workshops, experimental atelier/,
– simultaneously leaving space for live artistic events.
Only when CRICOTEKA is organized and opened to broader public in such diverse forms, it may
illustrate, preserve and popularize the multifaceted artistic output of Tadeusz Kantor. Thus it will
show that the revolutionary methods and experiences of the Cricot 2 Theatre, as well as the reality of
this theatre /the autonomous virtues of the props, stage situations, action, actor, costume etc./
constitute an outstanding phenomenon of the European culture, with a broad range of possibilities
for influence and development…
Tadeusz Kantor, Florence 1980


Tadeusz Kantor, photo: D. Simpson


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