Fotografie Jacquie Bablet / Photographies de Jacquie Bablet


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The catalogue of Jacquie Bablet photographs exhibition displayed at Cricoteka Archives from 3 October 2008 to 30 January 2009. Jacquie Bablet has been photographing and filming the theatre of artists such as Tadeusz Kantor, Ariane Mnouchkine, Antoine Vitez, Josef Svoboda, Francois Tanguy since 1980. Her photographs are regularly published by CNRS Publishing House in Paris. The catalogue comprises text “Tadeusz Kantor and Photography” written by Denis Bablet (friend and expert of Tadeusz Kantor’s theatre, the author of many books about Cricot 2 Theatre published in Paris by CNRS) as well as 18 photographs by Jacquie Bablet from the performances of Tadeusz Kantor and biographical notes about Jacquie and Denis Bablet. Furthermore, a DVD with Denis Bablet’s film entitled “Tadeusz Kantor. The Painter” (with subtitles in Polish and English) is enclosed with the publication. The film is a registration of the interview by Denis Bablet with Tadeusz Kantor which took place in Galerie de France in Paris in 1982 and it is the only extensive registered statement by Tadeusz Kantor about his painting.
Anna Halczak (ed.)
Cricoteka, Kraków, 2008
Format: 190×190
No. of pages: 55
First Edition
Language: Polish and French
ISBN: 978-83-61213-32-1