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MOKOSH | choreography by Eryk Makohon

The performance, choreographed and directed by Eryk Makohon, is built around the figure of the goddess Mokosh – the Slavic archetype of female divinity, vitality and fertility.

AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow, Department of the Dance Theatre in Bytom
23 and 24 April, 6:30 pm
Cricoteka, 2-4 Nadwiślańska Street
Tickets: 25 / 35

The motive of Mokosha, “mother of the earth”, and the interpenetration of anima/animus elements, in relation to a broad social and cultural context, serve the search for a form in which contemporary femininity, female energy and the fullness of personality are materialized.

The synergy of movement, image and sound takes the form of contemporary dance theater. The creators of the show, in the idea of post-dramatic theater, abandon plot structures and consistently led characters. Fragmentary images and collective characters, built by means of movement and action, intermingle with original music by Polish composer Anna Maria Huszcza. The performance built in this way engages in a “kinesthetic” dialogue with the audience.

Three people are standing on a sand dune.

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