Workshops for children

Come to our original workshops and classes for children at the borderline of artistic disciplies. The classes combine elements of visual arts, music and theatre; they focus on play in a peer group and active participation. The aim of the workshops is to change the perception of art as something strange and incomprehensible. The joy of being active will be released thanks to games, wordplay, playing with image, gesture, light and sound. We employ contemporary educational methods: playing in space, creative games, creating by means of untypical tools and creativity training. Each class is different, based on selected stages and ideas from the art of Tadeusz Kantor. The cost of one workshop is 15 PLN per particpant. During the workshops parents are encouraged to visit Tadeusz Kantor’s permanent exhibition for the price of a reduced ticket.


fot. Michał Wójcik


Workshops for children aged 2–3, Fridays
The Wednesday sessions, which are addressed at the youngest children, offer all-developmental play with sound, motion and space. Their main aim is interacting with peers, playing with multimedia and creative improvisation. They also provide opportunity for the adaptation of a would-be preschooler.


Workshops for children aged 4-8, Saturdays
The Saturday workshops are distinguished by three terms: SPACE, MULTIMEDIA, MOTION. The workshops allude to Taduesz Kantor’s art in an easy and accessible way. Their main aim is to stimulate creative imagination and aid the development of fine and gross motor skills. Every class is a combination of dramatic improvisation with objects and multimedia. Loads of fun and emotions guarenteed!




The number of participants is limited. Tickets for children can be bought via website until 9 am on the day of the workshop and directly before the class depending on the availability.




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