Sebastian Cichocki

Sebastian Cichocki (b. 1975), sociologist, curator and art critic, is deputy director at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw. His focus is on neo-conceptual reflection in art referring to land art and environmental art of the 70s. Curator of numerous exhibitions, including Monika Sosnowska’s exhibition in the Polish Pavilion in the 52 Venice Biennale and Yeal Bartana in the 54 Venice Biennale, The Sculpture Park in Bródno (2009–2012), New National Art (2012). Author of curator projects in the form of publications, e.g., A Cookbook for Political Imagination (2011), and The Future of Art Criticism as Pure Fiction, the libretto of the institutional opera Spoken Exhibitions (with Michał Libera, Grzegorz Piątek and Jarosław TrybusTrybuś 2011).

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