Jan Gondowicz

Jan Gondowicz (b. 1950) is a critic, translator and essayist living in Warsaw. He studied Polish Philology, but his way of thinking was influenced by natural sciences in his youth. Shaped within a circle of surrealist inspirations, he favours characters, works and facts that are indirect, eccentric and defy categorization. Unordinary interests and the consequences that followed them were the reason for his giving the title Pan tu nie stał (2011) to a collection of essays. He is the author of a bestiary Zoologia fantastyczna uzupełniona (1995, 2007), an anthology of surrealist texts Przekleństwa wyobraźni (2010) and a volume of essays Paradoks o autorze (2011) as well as a short monograph Schulz (2006). He translated works by Daniil Kharms, Joseph Brodsky, Karel Čapek, Gustave Flaubert, Alfred Jarry, Raymond Queneau and Georges Perec, amongst others, into Polish. A collection of his essays Duch opowieści will come onto the market this year.

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