Józef Chrobak (1948-2015)

It is with deep regret that we inform you of the death of art curator and writer, Józef Chrobak, on the 02.10.2015.

In 1972, together with Maria Anna Potocka, he founded the Gallery PI, the first private cultural institution in Poland. In 1974 he opened Gallery Pawilon, curating many exhibitions of artists assosiated with the „Krakow Group”. Since 1985 he was the Director of Krzysztofory Gallery, Art Association Krakow Group. He collaborated with Starmach Gallery in the production of numerous exhibitions and catalogs. He was – among many other things – the co-curator of I Wystawa Sztuki Nowoczesnej. Pięćdziesiąt  lat później together with Mark Świca. The two-time receipient of the Jerzy Stajuda Artistic Critique Award. Since 2000 curator in Cricoteka. He organised many exhibitions among which: exhibition of work by Tadeusz Kantor in Palazzo Pitti in Florence, KUMU Museum in Tallinn and the National Art Gallery in Vilnius. He also curated exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK presenting works of Władysław Hasior, Krzysztof Niemczyk and joint presentation of Beuys and Kantor. Author of numerous art publications: directories and studies on the subject of Krakow Group and artistic life in Krakow and Poland in the twentieth century. Author of the calendar of life and work of Tadeusz Kantor.

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