David Maroto

David Maroto (b. 1976) is a Spanish artist based in The Netherlands. His wide-ranging practice has led him to exhibit his work on psychoanalysis at the Freud Dreams Museum in St Petersburg, whereas his 8-year project to create a board game led to the inclusion of his project Disillusion at the Internationale Spieltage in 2006 (Essen, Germany) and other game fairs worldwide. In 2011 he spent a six-month residency in ISCP New York, where he published his project in the form of a novel, Illusion. In 2012 he took part in the 11th Havana Biennial and carried out a solo project in Artium (Museum of Contemporary Art, Vitoria, Spain) called Illusion-Disillusion. He holds an MFA degree from the Dutch Art Institute.

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