“A Conversation with a Rhinoceros” 1968

"De-emballage" - a picture, 1996, from a private collection

“De-emballage” – a picture, 1996, from a private collection

In 1968 for the needs of the film “Kantor ist da” Kantor produced, among other things, a happening  “A Conversation with a Rhinoceros.”


“On the 28th the production of a 45-minute film about my painting, happenings, etc. begins. – I have prepared the script – and here are some of the scenes: [. . .] we keep on running, a conversation with a rhino in a Zoo. There is  a terrible fatty sitting at a table in a bistro, his whole body in a case, an enormous rucksack on his back – visible only from behind – my conversation with this thing consisting of questions without the answers…” [Tadeusz Kantor’s  letter to Anna Ptaszkowska, quoted after: Jurkiewicz, Małgorzata and Mytkowska, Joanna and Przywara, Andrzej (ed.). Tadeusz Kantor. Z Archiwum Galerii Foksal [Tadeusz Kantor. From the Foksal Gallery Archives].Warszawa: Galeria Foksal SBWA, Fundacja Galerii Foksal, 1998, p. 28]

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