An extended stay in Germany. Cooperating with German actors in Baden-Baden arranges the performance Der Schrank (The Wardrobe) in accordance with his prior staging of St. I. Witkiewicz’s play The Country House , followed by its presentations in Munich, Heidelberg, Bochum and Essen. Individual exhibitions at the Staatliche Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden, at the Galerie de l’Université in Paris, at the Galerie Handschin in Basel, and at the Galerie Pierre in Stockholm. Organizes Happening “Le Grand Emballage” in Basel. Participates in the Artists and Scientists Symposium in Puławy in Poland, where he creates “Emballage – Voyageur”.
Presents Happening “The Letter” at the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw. In Łazy on the Baltic coast presents the “Panoramic Sea-Happening” in four parts, that is: “Sea Concert”, “The Raft of a Jellyfish”, “Le barbouillage erotique” and “The Agrarian Culture On Sand”. Individual exhibitions “Emballages” at the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw and at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Cracow. Participates in 9th Biennial in Sao Paulo, where he is granted a prize. At the Krzysztofory Gallery stages St. I. Witkiewicz’s play The Water Hen (premiere on April 28). Becomes a full-time professor at the Painting Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (professorship revoked after two years).
Travels to Germany, France, Yugoslavia and Italy. Participates in the exhibition and symposium “Prinzip Collage” in Nuremberg, where for the purposes of film he also presents Happenings “The Anatomy Lesson Based on Rembrandt”, “Eine Konferenz mit dem Rhinozeros”, and “Die Grosse Emballage”. Participates in a symposium in Vela Luka and creates “Chair-Emballage”. At “The Cracow Group Exhibition” at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Cracow organizes Happening “Hommage a Maria Jarema”. He is granted the European painting prize “Premio Marzotto”.
The first international tournée of the Cricot 2 Theatre. The Water Hen performances shown at the Premio Roma Festival in Rome, in Modena and in Bologna.
In Yugoslavia, Saarbrücken Television makes a documentary about T. Kantor’s painting and theatre. For its purposes he organizes eight Happenings.
Exhibition-happening “Multipart” at the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw, an exhibition of painting and art-objects at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Cracow, and the “Multipart” exhibition at the Alice Pauli Galerie in Lausanne. Participates in the World Exhibition “Happening and Fluxus” at the Kölnischer Kunstverein in Cologne and in International Exhibition “Galeries Pilotes” in Lausanne and Paris. 
Tournée of the Cricot 2 Theatre. Performances of The Water Hen take place at the International Festival in Nancy and at Theatre 71 in Paris. Creates his “impossible monument”, “The Chair”, an object-sculpture 14 metres in height at Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo. Individual exhibitions “Mulitpart II”, “Conceptual Emballages”, “Cambriolage” at the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw. With the part of the Cricot 2 group participates in the I Atelier Internationale de Théâtre Experimental in Dourdan near Paris, where he presents Happenings “The Laundry” and “The Anatomy Lesson Based on Rembrandt”.
The Cricot 2 Theatre leaves for Edinburgh. Performances of The Water Hen at the 26th International Festival constituted the first major success of the Cricot 2 Theatre, which triggered its international acclaim. At the Theatre 71 in Paris he stages St. I. Witkiewicz’s The Shoemakerswith a group of French actors.
Stages St. I. Witkiewicz’s play Lovelies and Dowdies at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Cracow (premiere on May 4). The Cricot 2 Theatre travels to Edinburgh with performances of Lovelies and Dowdies. Individual exhibition “Everything Is Hanging by a Thread” at the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw.
Tournée of the Cricot 2 Theatre to Paris, Rome, Nancy, Shiraz, Essen with performances of Lovelies and Dowdies. Designs the set for Juliusz Słowacki’s Balladyna at Teatr Bagatela in Cracow.



Prepared by: Józef Chrobak

Translation by: Monika Kowalska, Karolina Mitka, Andrzej Kula

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