Accessibility of the Permanent Exhibition Tadeusz Kantor. Spectres

The Accessibility of Spectres for persons with visual impairment

Individual visits and guided tours

Tactile aids can be supplied by Cricoteka staff during individual visits or used during guided tours with live audio description for groups of no more than three people. Both entry and guided tour are free. We can also provide an assistant (e.g. to pick you up from the tram/bus stop). Please contact our accessibility coordinator Anna Rejowska to arrange your visit by e-mail: or by phone 505 319 882  or (12) 442 77 70, extension 121. We advise our visitors to contact us at least two days prior to the planned visit.

Audio description and exhibition brochure in Braille are only available in Polish.


Exhibition accessibility is temporarily reduced due to the following circumstances:

Moving around the exhibition space

The room is semi-dark and the path leading from one object to another is not clearly lit. The path is indicated by a 17-centimetre-high platform, accessed by a gently sloping ramp. The platform does not have any barriers nor other elements clearly marking its edges; there are no lines marking the way for people with visual impairment. We are planning to make the exhibition space more accessible by adding tactile lines along the platform.

Tactile objects

Due to the epidemic, tactile objects (the haptic map of the exhibition and miniature models of the exhibits) are not readily available; however, they can be provided upon request – please contact our accessibility coordinator Anna Rejowska  by e-mail: or by phone 505 319 882  or (12) 442 77 70, extension 121 at least two days prior to your planned visit.

Accessibility for people with auditory impairment and Polish Sign Language users

In the exhibition space there are sounds of water dripping and wood creaking. All videos are silent.

Additional materials (a guide) for people with auditory impairment are available only in the Polish Sign Language.


Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

In the exhibition room, you can only move across a platform accessed by a gently sloping ramp. The platform is 17 centimetre high and about 30 metre long, and it makes several turns. There are no barriers nor other safety elements marking the edges. We advise you to move along the centre of the platform.

Inside the exhibition room, on the platform, there is no seating space. There are seats available next to the entrance to Level 3, in the Educational Hall.

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