Workshops with Ludmiła Ryba

4 –10 July 2016, 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Facilitator: Ludmiła Ryba
Maximum number of participants: 15


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The workshops participation fee is 120 PLN. The fee for each additional workshop will be reduced by 50% (60 PLN). The offer is also valid for participants of last year’s edition. For those aged 65 and older the workshops are free.


I have the impression, I am certain even, that truth in art does not correspond with truth in life.
Matter, which in life is deemed ignoble, of lower quality can discover previously unknown truth in art.
That E m p t i n e s s in life, referring to the Lowest Regions of human activity, is what becomes an element of art.
A work of art developed from the concept of wreckage is particularly fascinating to me.

Tadeusz Kantor, Confusing concepts


In Confusing Concepts, an important text which is the starting point and a common denominator for this year’s edition of drama workshops, Tadeusz Kantor makes a significant revision, or correction, by rehabiliatating the concepts of imitation, copying, pretending, mock-up and wreckage.

At the beginning of the workshops we will discuss – in theory and in stage practice – all of the above notions. In particular, our exploration will focus on the concept of pretending, referred to acting and related to the idea of emptiness, as well as the concept of wreckage, referred to an object or a stage machine and related to the idea of memory.

It is possible that by dealing with the language and poetic theory of Tadeusz Kantor’s theatre we will also face the important question: are Kantor’s Lowest Rank materials still the same, or have the ‘most worthless materials’ changed ther image?


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Cricot 2 Theatre’s actress and Tadeusz Kantor’s interpreter from 1979 and 1992. She performed in Tadeusz Kantor’s productions Wielopole, WielopoleMachine of Love and DeathI Shall Never Return and Today Is My Birthday. Tadeusz Kantor’s interpreter during his drama workshops in Milan (Civica Scuola d’Arte Drammatica, 1986), and then his assistant during workshops in Avignon (1990). She worked with Roman Siwulak during his workshops in Civica Scuola d’Arte Drammatica (Milan, 1992) and the performance Magellan in La Fonderie (Le Mans, France, 1996).
Ran drama workshops with e.g. Mises en Scène group (Avignon, 2000), in the Centre for Performance Research (Aberystwyth, UK, 2002), at the Department of Theater at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis in collaboration with Prof. Michał Kobiałka (1998, 2000), in Città del Teatro di Cascina (Pisa, 2008), in CIFAS (Brussels, 2009), at Brown University (Providence, USA, 2010), with the Brazilian theatre group Compania Antropofagica (Sao Paulo, 2010 and 2012), with Marie Vayssière in the Krzysztofory Gallery (Krakow, 2008) and also in Cricoteka (Krakow, 2012). She directed The Dybbuk based on the play by S. An-sky (2004), Notes of the Black Bird – texts by Franz Kafka, Aeschylus and Dante (2007) and Mystery Bouffe  by V. Mayakovsky (2013).  Outside the theatre she also translates Polish literature into Italian.




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