Workshops by Tomasz Dobrowolski

Acoustics At The Cricot 2 Theatre
24 – 27 October, 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Facilitator: Tomasz Dobrowolski
Maximum number of participants: 15


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To enrol in the workshops, buy a ticket online or at the box office no later than 20 October. By purchasing a ticket a participant agrees to the terms and conditions which require a signed consent of all workshop participants.

The workshop participation fee is 120 PLN. The fee for each additional workshop will be reduced by 50% (60 PLN). The offer is also valid for participants of last year’s edition. For those aged 65 and older the workshops are free.


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Thoughts before meeting workshop participants:

1. Sound technician at the Cricot 2 Theatre
– service provider
– co-creator

2. Sound as a Great Actor co-creating the intensity of a performance (‘Creative qualities of actors’ [in:] T. Kantor, ‘Work of Art and the Process’, Vol. II)

3. The role of experience or lack thereof.

4. Shared feelings:




5. Sound atmosphere accompanying a creative process during rehearsals, at home and in … life as an integrating element giving a sense of security and strength.

6. Inspiring factors:


development of events on stage conversations

own thoughts, impulses, risk…

Sources of sound:

– ready material, existing
– wanted material, sometimes substitute material…
– FOUND material and its processing, in accordance with the Creator’s suggestions but also following one’s own invention and taking risks
– own recordings

7. Analogue and digital techniques – pros and cons.

Etudes prepared together with Participants using analogue equipment (reel tape recorder – splicing; cassette recorder)

8. Presentation of the production ‘Let the Artists Die’ using a mixer and interference, to realise the importance of playing with directions.

9. Analysis of the ‘construction’ of the character of Jonasz Stern from the last production, from the point of view of sound technician. Material from rehearsals, partially unpublished.




KANTOR       –       COMPOSER


AS A BENEFIT OF KANTOR’S ART – how to find them in sounds


You are welcome to join me,

Tomasz Dobrowolski


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Born in Krakow in 1949. He first collaborated with Tadeusz Kantor in 1978 as sound technician during the production of the Cricotage ‘Where Are the Snows of Yesteryear’. In 1979 Dobrowolski performed the part of Pedel in ‘The Dead Class’. Later, since1986, he worked as sound technician at the Cricot 2 Theatre, and until 1999 at Cricoteka, where he contributed to the creation of exhibitions by equipping them with sound. Together with actors of the Cricot 2 Theatre he participated in various theatre events.



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