Workshops by the Cricot 2 Theatre actors in September 2013

The Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka was founded in Krakow in 1980 on the initiative of the artist himself as a “living archive” of the legendary Cricot 2 Theatre. 2014 will see the opening of the new seat of Cricoteka. This will be the largest research and exhibition institution dedicated to a contemporary artist in Poland.

The new location will highlight the two main activity trends: the first one related to the presentation of the work of Tadeusz Kantor and the other depicting its influence on contemporary art and theatre. A few projects heralding Cricoteka’s new path were already implemented in 2012. Some activities within The Migratory Museum project included workshops with the Cricot 2 Theatre actors. This year, the workshops will be organized once again, constituting an important element of the regular offer of the new Cricoteka premises. These unique meetings with actors of the Cricot 2 Theatre will be completed with public performances of the workshop results.

The idea of theatre workshops was not alien to Tadeusz Kantor himself, who used this method three times while working with students from drama schools. The results of this work were cricotages: Wedding in Milan in 1986, Very Short Lesson in Charleville-Mézières in 1988 and Silent Night in Avignon in 1990. These meetings constituted very important experiences for Tadeusz Kantor. He admitted that they had an influence on the final shape of the performances which he was working on at the time. This year’s workshops will be held again at the Cricoteka’s seat at no. 5 Kanonicza Street – the place which was created by the artist and where the performances of the Cricot 2 Theatre came into being.

This year’s workshops are designed in such a way as to enable the participation of both experienced actors and those who have not yet had an opportunity to confront theatrical practice. Their aim is to jointly gain new experience based on Tadeusz Kantor’s art. His ideas and oeuvre will inspire work during the workshops.

The September workshops will be run by actors – Andrzej Wiełmiński with the participation of Teresa Wełmińska and Andrzej Kowalczyk (2-14 September 2013) and by Roman Siwulak (17-28 September 2013). Building on the experience gained while working with Tadeusz Kantor and their own artistic quest, for the last several years they have conducted theatre workshops around the world.

This year’s workshops are also FREE!

You are welcome to look into the details of the project and read the Terms and Conditions of the workshops.

To apply, submit your Registration Form to


Archives of Cricoteka, 5, Kanonicza Street, Krakow


Cricoteka’s Media Patron: Radio Kraków


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