Who Inspires Us? Tadeusz Kantor!

The project entitled “Who Inspires Us? Tadeusz Kantor!” is aimed at showcasing Tadeusz Kantor’s work in the context of contemporary art – theatre, visual arts and music. The project, implemented in several stages throughout 2013 and 2014, will consist of exhibitions, performance art and publications.

2013 has seen the presentation of two out of the three planned exhibitions and two performative events. Cricoteka also published three publications devoted to the life and work of Tadeusz Kantor.


 Also, The Choreographic Machine”  and “Polyphonies” will be continued.


2014 will see the subsequent instalments of the project.

The first one – “Anatomical Theatre” – will be focused on the happening “Anatomy Lesson According to Rembrandt”, one of the most important and inspiring works by Tadeusz Kantor. Rembrandt’s painting “Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp” depicts an autopsy carried out by the title Dr. Tulp in the presence of witnesses. Universally regarded as a masterpiece, the painting inspired many artists: painters, writers, performers, directors. Throughout the two-month series of events, Kantor’s happening will undergo a thorough analysis and will be placed in a broad context: historical (a lecture about the history of anatomical theatres), contemporary (the art of Joseph Beuys, literary and theatrical interpretations of the theme) and current one (accomplishments of artists who in many ways enter into dialogue with Kantor: creators from the field of visual arts such as Katarzyna Kozyra, Zbigniew Libera, Grzegorz Klaman as well as directors and performers – Barbara Wysocka, Michał Zadara , Wojtek Ziemilski, Christoph Schlingensief). The purpose of the programme is to present how Kantor, interpreting the famous painting, became part of a long line of artists using autopsy as an artistic theme, and at the same time inspired the next generations to enter into a dialogue with him.

Project curator: Dr Anna R. Burzyńska


In the next instalment, entitled “Biography in Theatre: Philosophy and Object”, we would like to take a look at biographical strategies in drama and theatre and more specifically at a variety of methods concerning modelling and demodelling of biographical aspects in different genres and materials at the junction of text, image, memory, physical activity and material presence. We will try to demonstrate that biography is a project, a drama, forming oneself in one’s own image and after the likeness of one’s own thoughts. Thus life, work and biography appear as three aspects of the same phenomenon. Therefore, biography falls within the area of historical cognition as a thirst for knowledge and understanding and the area of activity as a promise of offering the truth to others. The characters that will be discussed during the project are: Handke, Wassermann and Herzog’s Kaspar Hauser, Loher’s Bluebeard, Mishima’s Sade and Weiss and Brook’s Marat/Sade, Antigone (Sophocles/Gavran), Judas (Rostworowski/Iredyński) and Przybyszewska’s Robespierre. The program will consist of lectures, screenings of performances and films. At the end there will be a discussion around the topic “Biography through an Object in the Theatre and Texts of Tadeusz Kantor”.

Project curator: Dr Łucja Iwanczewska





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