Uncle Stasio – an Exile

Uncle Stasio - an Exile, "Wielopole, Wielopole", 1980; owned by Cricoteka

Uncle Stasio – an Exile, “Wielopole, Wielopole”, 1980; owned by Cricoteka

“The return of uncle Staś (Wielopole, Welopole)
… Just as all the characters from this play, the Violinist – an Exile comes from a suspicious “Hiring Establishment” and finally turns out to be an ordinary HAWKER. His poor violin box, with which he announces an unusual concert, turns out to be a simple barrel-organ with a compromising handle to wind up the mechanism and, to make it worse, it rests on a crutch. The illusion of the romantic costume and the patriotic figure is destroyed with the appearance of the pathetic artist from a MARKET STALL. We do not even know his real feelings. Perhaps he believes he is a virtuoso and in his mind’s eye sees the applauding crowds: he takes a bow after each and every “performance”; perhaps he has finally become insane. He can also be an EMPTY IMITATION as his VIOLIN. The sounds of Chopin’s CHRISTMAS CAROL, which are intended to bring back the atmosphere of all the Christmas nights of our childhood but are deformed by this trashy instrument, are of the same MARKET STALL quality from the REAL THEATRE OF FEELING.”


Kantor, Tadeusz. Wielopole, Wielopole. Kraków-Wrocław: Wydawnictwo Literackie, 1990, p. 60.

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