The Sink

“An object to be used in a production which is being rehearsed. Objects of this kind have their origin in my idea of “the Reality of the Lowest Rank”. This one can be used in  happening-like activities, that is activities borrowed and isolated from everyday reality as the most ordinary and prosaic one, now repeated endlessly and thus deprived of practical efficiency (since “efficiency” – la finalité – is the point of utility, which in turn is the opposite of  a r t)
A peculiarity of this object is closed circulation of water, which makes the whole movable. It is a kind of  a portable water-supply system.”


Tadeusz Kantor, original typescript, the Archives of Cricoteka

The Sink "Let the Artists Die", 1985, owned by Cricoteka

The Sink “Let the Artists Die”, 1985, owned by Cricoteka

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