“The Return of Odysseus III”

9th sequence of the performance: Odysseus takes a bow..., a group scene photo Zbigniew Brzozowski

9th sequence of the performance: Odysseus takes a bow…, a group scene photo Zbigniew Brzozowski

“Odysseus must return TRULY.
It would be dishonest to create a hypocritical illusion of Ithaca to this end. Everything around him must be monumental, everything must be said in earnest, with nothing hidden.
It would be ungenerous to construct paper columns and rag seas for Odysseus’ great tragedy. I want to see the actors on plain crates, ladders or chairs – at certain moments deprived of their costumes – I intend to resign from aesthetic values and to introduce  f o r t u i t o u s n e s s  or even  c h a o s  so as to make the return as concrete as possible. Odysseus returns onto the  s t a g e  and on the stage he painfully creates an illusion of Ithaca for himself. There must be no more aesthetizing in the theatre. The theatre is the area where the rules of art collide with the unpredictability of life and this is the source of the most acute conflicts.”



Pleśniarowicz, Krzysztof (chosen and ed. by).  Metamorfozy. Teksty o latach 1938-1974. [Metamorphoses. Texts about the years 1928 – 1974] Kraków: Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka, Księgarnia Akademicka, Kraków 2000, p73-74.

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