Tadeusz Kantor. Body – Image – Drawing

26 February 2016 – 31 July 2016
Tadeusz Kantor’s Gallery-Atelier, ul. Sienna 7/5, Kraków


Opening: 26 February 2016, 6 p.m. 

After the opening gala, at 6.30 p.m., we will hold a meeting to discuss the catalogue accompanying the exhibition Tadeusz Kantor ‘I’m Goddamn Falling!’ Authors of published texts will participate in the meeting. Moderator: Anna Baranowa


Tadeusz Kantor, Rysunek do Lekcji mediolańskich, Mediolan 1986, kolekcja prywatna


With the opening of the new Cricoteka headquarters at ul. Nadwiślańska, Tadeusz Kantor’s Gallery-Atelier in ul. Sienna 7/5 launched a series of exhibitions presenting Tadeusz Kantor’s drawings. On 26 February 2016 we are going to open another part of the exhibition, Tadeusz Kantor. Body – Image – Drawing.

The objects-sculptures presented at the Tadeusz Kantor exhibition in the main headquarters of Cricoteka do not show the actor – a human figure. Subsequent parts of this exhibition are supplemented with a collection of Tadeusz Kantor’s drawings at the Gallery-Atelier in ul. Sienna. The atelier interior was adapted for the gallery according to the artist’s design. It intended to present a collection of Tadeusz Kantor’s drawings. The series of exhibitions is to provide a thorough presentation of Collection A as well as other drawings by the artist in several parts. The exhibition at the Gallery-Atelier restores the broken link between sculpture and man, between object and actor. This way visitors are thrown into the space between the streets Nadwiślańska and Sienna  – and in visitors it becomes united.


Tadeusz Kantor, Mój pomnik, [1989-1990], kolekcja prywatna, depozyt w Cricotece

Tadeusz Kantor. Body –Image – Drawing is related to the subject matter of the third part of the Tadeusz Kantor Exhibition, launched at the same time in the main Cricoteka building, which is focused around the marionette. In Sienna visitors will see selected drawings created for the production of Balladyna at the time of the underground Independent Theatre – with reference to the object Goplana and Elves presented at the exhibition in ul. Nadwiślańska. Most drawings constitute a personal journal, filled with the artist’s notes. To paraphrase the artist’s well-known saying: Only what you sees exists, the selected drawings simultaneously depict that what we cannot see. The sketched out fragments of bodies are merely traces of corporeality, their existence is conventional and dummy-like. At the same time, they are deeply intimate, filled with references to their author’s identity.

Besides drawings referring to the issue of borderline corporeality, subjected to transformations and degradation, the exhibition presents a collection of fifteen works by Tadeusz Kantor entitled The Milano Lessons. They were created in Milan in 1986 as a graphic commentary on the lectures delivered by the artists at Scuola Drammatica di Paolo Grassi. The subject of these works is the relationship between a human figure and space.


Tadeusz Kantor, Klęska wrześniowa, 1990, Muzeum Armii Krajowej w Krakowie


This time, the exhibition of Tadeusz Kantor’s drawings will be supplemented with the September Defeat painting, created in 1990, from the collection of The Home Army Museum in Krakow. This work also relates to the narratives referring to the body and transformation of a body image in a work of art. The painting will be accompanied by a 90-minute documentary film by Marek Stefański – Tadeusz Kantor painting ‘September Defeat’ at Cricoteka.


Curators: Małgorzata Paluch-Cybulska & Bogdan Renczyński


Maintenance and renovation of window frames and maintenance of wooden roof structure at the Gallery-Studio of Tadeusz Kantor in Kraków co-financed by the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage and Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region.


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