“Story so far” – Grolsch ArtBoom Festival in Krakow

Artist: Boris Oicherman
Curator: Łukasz Białkowski
Place: boulvards on the right bank of Vistula, near Cricoteka
Duration: 7th-21st June 2013
Hours of volunteers presence: 12-17

An array if mirrors placed on poles along the river bank reflects the building site of  Cricoteka museum and its surroundings, creating a continuously-changing hybrid museum. Story so far project stresses the aspects of the exhibition space that are often ignored or noticed reluctantly to preserve its image as an autonomous whole. Here, the atmospheric conditions, the smells, the ambient sounds, steps, murmurs and people passing by become an integral part of the show.

Cooperation: Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka.

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