Radiance, lo-res

Radiance, lo-res
30 September 2015 at 7 p.m. (premiere)

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Lo-res, i.e. low resolution, blurs outlines of objects and at the same time brings to mind their materiality. A low-resolution image is a result of circulation, becomes an affect transformed into a body to become an image (again).

Lo-res bodies are sticky digital waste of lowest standing, losing their origin. They are symptoms of movement and mutation of contemporary bodies, i.e. bio-objects. Bio-object is an academic term used to describe new forms of life created through processes of bio-mediation which blur the lines between the living and the artificial, the human and the non-human. The concept of a bio-object takes us from the post-war alienation to aliens of the 21st century. High-tech, low-life, no future. Beatriz Preciado refers to this sate of being an alien as techno-sexuality. Radiance, lo-res is a choreography which takes place within mutation and contamination, circulation of affects and their embodiment; it attempts to become witness to techno-subjectivity.


Choreography: Alex Baczyński-Jenkins
Dance:Paweł Sakowicz i Natalia Stanińska
Lights: Przemysław Brymkiewicz


Alex BACZYŃSKI-JENKINS (b. 1987, PL/UK) is a choreographer and his work is concerned with the mediation and politics of affect, desiring subjects and embodiment. Baczynski-Jenkins graduated from the pilot project Contemporary Dance, Choreography, Context at the HZT, Berlin and participated in Ashkal Alwan’s Home Workspace Program, Beirut. He has shown work in contexts including expo zero at Performa, New York (2011), Komuna Warszawa (2012), Liste, Basel (2014), X- Apartments, Homeworks, Beirut (2013), Sophiensaele Theatre, Berlin (2015) Block Universe, London (2015) Whitechapel Gallery, London (2015). He was associate artist with the Delfina Foundation, London as part of their Performance as Process 2015.

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