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John Moran (USA) // Artur Zagajewski (Poland) // Max Eastley/Paul Whitty/Angharad Davies (Great Britain) // Arturas Bumšteinas (Lithuania)

Polyphonies is a series of concerts, performances and sound events first presented in 2013 to accompany the opening of Cricoteka’s new headquarters. It alludes to a polyphonic idea of a the collaboration of diverse voices merging to form a significant whole but goes beyond music itself. It becomes a meeting place for different kinds of creativity. It is a polyphony of attitudes, genres and individualities.

Sound, space and movement will be the subject of this year’s Polyphonies. Space is defined here as a specific stage design constructed of sound. It is determined by acoustic phenomena: aftersound, rustle, sounds of various type, sometimes also the direction and movement of sound. They make it possible for the arrangement and equipment of a venue to reveal fuller perceptive dimensions. New elements of Cricoteka’s architecture and surroundings will be added to the playing field as this year’s cycle develops.

Sound accumulations allude to Kantor’s concept of assemblage. Discovered sounding objects, non-standard orchestra, recordings and ready elements of audible reality will compose elements of a game between the audible and the visible. Appropriately composed sounds, whether synchronized closely with the movement on the stage or in dialogue with instruments, will become the foundation for events by performers representing varying genres.

The festival will be presented in four parts in Cricoteka this spring and autumn.

Curator: Anna Szwajgier


The project was produced with the support of a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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