The term Polyphony alludes to the collaboration of diverse musical voices merging to form a significant whole. In this program the title is applied metaphorically, as throughout the concert series we will notice a polyphony of attitudes, genres and individualities.

How might it relate to Kantor’s work?

Kantor’s performances were “composed” in a nearly musical fashion, and their narratives often differ from typical dramatic thinking. His performances are musicalized also in the sound structure of the actions performed and scenes happening on the stage. Thus noises such as stomping, thudding, rattling, squeaking and a host of others can, in their own right, be considered as musical material, subject to composition by the author of the performance.

What unites Tadeusz Kantor and the artists of the Polyphonies is a radical, avant-garde attitude, with particular emphasis on spectacular action, the collision of remote elements (in the fields of life and art), and an expressive use of the objects and sounds of everyday experience.

The works that we are going to hear span both musical and dance performance, and all the pieces are embedded in the natural and electronically processed sonic narratives of voice, body and objects. Here the function of gesture is not only visual, but also sound-provoking, as a way of evoking extraordinary sounds.

Polyphonies goes beyond music, invoking a resonant core of multimedia expression, realised with various means.


Anna Szwajgier


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