“Minor cosmetic operations” 1969

In the series of eight happenings presented in Bled the most important event was “Minor cosmetic operations.”





Everything is happening in complete silence, the movements are swift and purposeful, a table, a stool, a piece of a mirror, a basin for mixing soap, napkins, cotton wool, sticking plaster, jars.
Jot: is sitting on a stool and reading, probably his own work.
Ka: prepares the necessary things, cuts, unwraps and tests them.
A short break.
Ka: begins the procedure; wraps the legs in rags – a very thick layer of them.
Jot: is reading all the time.
Ka: puts pieces of cotton wool into the patient’s ears; sticks pieces of plaster on the ears.
Jot: is reading very loud now.
Ka: takes a piece of sticking plaster with his fingertips and skilfully places it in the area where the patient’s  lips are moving.
Jot: stands up and begins to write on the wall.
Ka: takes two pieces of plaster in turn and sticks them in the area of the patient’s eyes.
Jot: is only gesturing with his hands now. Jot’s face is altered, covered with pieces of sticking plaster.
Ka: attentively takes one hand, bandages it, then the other hand – he wraps and bandages it up quickly now; attaches the napkins , sticks, pins them up, fastens and checks everything. Then he phlegmatically begins to mix the soap and, slowly and thoroughly, covers the sitting figure with a thick layer of the soapy, slippery substance.



[Kantor, Tadeusz. Metamorfozy. Teksty o latach 1938-1974, tom I. [Metamorphoses. Texts about the years 1938-1974, vol. 1], selected and edited by Krzysztof Pleśniarowicz. Cracow: Cricoteka, Ossolineum, 2005, p. 377.]

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