Materia Prima. 3rd International Festival Of The Form Theatre. Cultural Poles

Cricoteka is a partner of the scientific session dedicated to the  Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor, Jozef Szajna and Jerzy Grotowski at the Festival Prima Materia.

23.02.2015 Monday
9.00 a.m. –17:30 p.m. Academic session: Form Theatre in the Work of Tadeusz Kantor, Józef Szajna and JerzyGrotowski; Teatr Groteska – Café

We invite you to the next edition of the Materia Prima. 3rd International Festival Of The Form Theatre. Cultural Poles – a unique event worldwide. We offer carefully selected shows presented by twelve eminent theatres from: France, Israel, Germany, Norway, Russia, Italy and Poland. The shows are attractive, picturesque and spectacular. The theatres attending the Festival are world-famous, they mark their presence at the most prestigious festivals, and are winners of important awards. Most of them will appear in Poland for the first time!



The authors of the FORM THEATRE make use of the exceptional language of extraverbal communication and issue an invitation to a meeting with the very essence oftheatre: the rich artwork, musical and movement layers of the shows.The FORM THEATRE is a total theatre, combining a wide spectrum of arts, such as mask theatre, puppet theatre, theatre of objects, shadow theatre, new circus, movement theatre, dance theatre, visual theatre, and performance, while the MATERIA PRIMA offers an “explosive mix” of all these genres and forms.

We hope that the shows presented during the Festival stir the deepest layers of your emotions and of the unimpeded imagination, and that their open structure and multitude of metaphors and symbols enhances the freedom of interpretation.

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