Luxus. Umarła rasa [Luxus. The Dead Race]

March 6 (Friday) 2015, 7:30 pm
Admission: free


Wrocław Group Luxus will do in Cricoteka performative reading. The event will take place as part of a promotional tour of the book Agresywna niewinność. Historia Grupy Luxus, published in 2014.


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On an improvised stage Luxus members will present and interpret their own parts of the text book written by Anka Mituś and Peter Stasiowski and interviews conducted with a group by Piotr Rypson. Reading the text will test the resistance of the structure and strength of the actors in the face of the narration separated from such events, remembered by the Luxus group members.

Guests: Bożena Grzyb-Jarodzka, Ewa Ciepielewska, Małgorzata Plata, Paweł Jarodzki, Jerzy Kosałka, Jacek Ponton Jankowski, Stanisław Sielicki, Szymon Lubiński and Anka Mituś & Piotr Stasiowski.

Luxus is about dreams, is about the same, as are films with Pola Negri, who kisses Rudolph Valentino – but in reality you watch it in a dirty, cold, unheated cinema, you are scullery maid who has two illegitimate children of the heir. You look at this a better world, you’ll never have, but you pay for it. This is what Luxus is about.
Paul Jarodzki (book blurb)


Agresywna niewinność. Historia Grupy Luxus
Publisher: BWA Wrocław – Galleries of Contemporary Art
Format: 170 x 230 mm
Number of pages: 480
Issue: 1000
design: Maciej Lollipop

Book available at the Cricoteka bookstore.
Price: 50 zł

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