Inviting. Sarkis–Kantor

At the Inviting exhibition, everyone — including its protagonists, Sarkis and Kantor — is a long-awaited guest. Both in a literal and metaphorical sense, invitation is the leading idea of the project. Cricoteka invited Sarkis, who in turn invited Tadeusz Kantor to take part in his exhibition. Other gestures follow: all those willing to visit Inviting and to participate in the performative actions that constitute a significant element of Sarkis’ show are more than welcome.

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The artist connects the motifs from his own work with Kantor’s objects — the crucifixes, situated on a wooden platform, which featured in Cricot 2 Theatre’s performances.

The intercultural encounters and the attempt to recuperate art hidden away in the museum’s archive, the effort to restore its importance for the contemporary generation — these are the most important themes in Sarkis’ work, also present in the Cricoteka exhibition.

Sarkis (b. 1938 in Istanbul) is a world-renowned artist of Armenian origin, residing in France. Since the 1960s, he has successfully exhibited in all the important centres of contemporary art. In his work Sarkis combines a poetic atmosphere with a post-conceptual rigour of form. Through his own gentle interference in the existing exhibitions, he opens them up to new interpretations. He uses a wide range of light, optical and sound effects, image transmissions and photographs; he observes the visitors and their behaviour within the museum space.

Free entrance

Tadeusz Kantor © Dorota Krakowska, Maria Stangret-Kantor

Sarkis © Sarkis, Narodowa Galeria Sztuki Zachęta

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