Instalment at De Appel

The Book Lovers presents the first (pop-up) bookstore specialized in artist novels. The bookstore is hosted by De Appel and run by Buchhandlung Walther König. For the first time the novels are not only on display for public’s perusal, but also available for sale, fulfilling in this way the public dimension inherent to the novel format. With titles available for purchase by: Alex Cecchetti, Eric Doeringer, Matias Faldbakken, Rodney Graham, Mark Geffriaud, Liam Gillick, Stewart Home, Jana Leo, Jill Magid, Heather & Ivan Morison, Brian O’Doherty, Cally Spooner, Katrina Palmer, Mai-Thu Perret, David Robbins, Julia Weist, among many others.

In addition to this, the full collection of artist novels is on display, thanks to the generous support of MuHKA (Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp). The collection is arranged according to genres, from Science-fiction to Pornography, by way of Autobiography, Drama, Gothic, Künstlerroman, Detectives, and many more. You can follow the colour-coded legend to guide yourself through the collection.

After The Book Lovers pop-up bookstore, the artist novels collection is remaining for an extended stay in de Appel arts centre’s library, till 24 February.

Projec subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage, The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Flemish Representation  at the Belgian Embassy
Partners: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, M HKA in Antwerp
Media patronage: TVP Kultura, Polish Press Agency, Księgarnie MatrasWarsaw Insider, Radio Kraków, NOTES.NA.6.TYGODNI,


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